Paul A. Ouellette, BM, MS

image1Paul is a practitioner of Crossinology Brain Integration Technique, and one of a select group of practitioners who have been certified by Susan McCrossin at the Crossinology Institute in Boulder, Colorado. A long-time patient at the D’Adamo Institute himself, Paul was drawn to study and pursue alternative modes of treatment beginning in his early twenties in response to a critical injury to his lower back and spine sustained in early childhood. Left undiagnosed for many years, this injury severely compromised Paul’s growth and development as a child, prevented his participation in sports throughout school, and seriously affected his career development as an adult.

Fast forward, having nearly completed his studies at the Crossinology Institute, Paul credits Crossinology Brain Integration as the modality most responsible for his complete recovery today. Thus, he is deeply devoted to the technique because of its capacity to energetically realign the systems of the brain and the body. Currently, Paul is most impressed by the modality’s capacity to identify and purge negative emotions which have become lodged within the body’s neurological pathways following trauma, thereby setting the stage for the renewed flow of positive energy needed to rebalance these circuits and promote healing.

To his practice, Paul brings 25 years as a music teacher with kids of all grade levels in several coastal communities in Downeast Maine. With his own arduous journey to well-being behind him, Paul invites you to experience Crossinology Brain Integration for yourself and discover its limitless potential in the achievement of your own personal journey to health. 

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