Crossinology © Brain Integration Technique

crossinologyA Brief Description of Crossinology Brain Integration

Developed in 1988 at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and brought to Boulder, Colorado in 1998 by Susan McCrossin, Crossinology Brain Integration Technique has gained broad popularity in the western part of the United States within the last two decades, and has gradually made its way to the East Coast. Currently Crossinology is being offered by approximately 100 practitioners throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

Best characterized as subtle energy work, Crossinology combines techniques of energetic kinesiology, applied physiology formatting, and acupressure, to deliver a gentle non-invasive realignment of the neurological pathways of communication within the hemispheres of the brain, and within the body.

Supported by scientific research in the field of anatomy and physiology conducted on a small homogenous population, Crossinology has proven to be effective in realignment of the various functions of the brain, thus demonstrating improvement in short and long-term memory, concentration, cognition, academic skills, sociability, and organizational skills. In addition, those who receive the integration protocol report that they are more focused upon their goals, experience an enhanced sense of well-being, and find themselves better positioned to achieve their full potential as an individual.

Although Crossinology Brain Integration has been especially marketed toward specific learning difficulties in school age children, the technique has also proven effective in introducing positive results into the lives of both children and adults. Thus, the technique is not limited to any specific age group per se, and in fact shows broad applicability to older age groups as well.

Once undertaken, you will find Crossinology Brain Integration to be an extremely relaxing and non-invasive technique to receive. The technique introduces gentle and lasting changes to the flow of energy and information within the brain and the body, while bringing functions that have been compromised by either stress or trauma back online once again. Just as you value and care for your automobile, having it lovingly serviced and tuned regularly, Crossinology provides a powerful tuning and realignment of the systems of your body, renewing its many anatomical, physiological and neurological functions. The result is a finely-tuned and rebalanced vehicle which can transport you to horizons yet only imagined!

Wait no longer, visit for more information, call the D’Adamo Institute to receive a complimentary phone call from the institute’s Crossinology Brain Integration Practitioner, Paul A. Ouellette. Book an appointment and begin to experience the many benefits of Crossinology Brain Integration Technique immediately. No matter what your state of mind or condition of health, Crossinology is the modality which will assist you to quickly improve the quality of your health, your well-being, and your ability to create the life you desire!

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