About Blood Type Diet® & Sub blood type Discoveries

Over 50 years ago, Dr. James L. D'Adamo made the discovery that revolutionized natural medicine: the connection between blood types and dietary requirements.  Today, nearly 60,000 patients worldwide live healthier and free of disease and illnesses thanks to the D’Adamo Blood Type Diet ® approach to preventative healthcare.

Blood-Type Diet food recommendations: A Quick Overview

O Blood Type

Preventive foods: high-protein diet. Recommended foods: Turkey and buffalo meat, fish preferably not farm raised. Vegetables: Shitake mushrooms, squash, string beans and escarole.

Exercise: Demanding physical program as Type Os are muscular with a sluggish blood flow. Without a vigorous exercise program to activate blood and energy, Os can become lazy and lethargic. More exercise will help stimulate your body leading to an intense feeling of well-being. Recommended: Jogging, gymnastics, calisthenics, hiking, swimming, and bicycling —done vigorously and regularly for up to an hour a day.

A Blood Type

Preventive foods: vegetarian based: fresh vegetables that don’t contain too much sugar - broccoli, asparagus, stay away from starchy vegetables like potatoes.

Exercise: Type A’s basically function on nervous energy - it’s crucial to choose physical exercises with a calming effect to balance rather than increase energy level.  Athlete Type A’s are usually more exhausted following similar exercises. Type A’s use more mental or nervous energy in performance and consequently experience a greater general drain. Following strenuous exercises have little desire to engage in further activities or in socializing. May feel you should work off excessive nervous energy through strenuous exercise, but beware—the immediate reaction will be a feeling of relaxation but (due to fatigue) that overwhelms the nervous system. The goal is not to achieve relief through exhaustion, but rather to calm your mind through specific exercises designed for this purpose. Best exercises: Hatha yoga, tai chi, or qi gong. Light swimming, meditation, jogging, hiking, golfing, and doubles tennis are also beneficial if done in a relaxed manner.

B Blood Type

Preventive Foods: Proteins could include lamb, turkey, ostrich, salmon - stay away from Chicken, Tilapia and Hake. Organic and fresh vegetables when possible: arugula, broccoli, sprouts, Kale.

Exercise: not as vital and should be done in moderation - Type B’s are moderately charged. Best exercises: Jogging, hiking, and swimming, gymnastics, calisthenics, hatha yoga, tai chi, or qi gong for an hour several times a week. Whatever exercise or sport you choose, you will find that you can simply enjoy yourself rather than work to either calm or stimulate your body.

AB Blood Type

Preventive Foods: inherit the tolerances of both blood type A and blood type B. Type AB tend to do well on a diet geared towards vegetarians with the modest additions of some animal protein such as turkey, and fish.

Exercise: AB’s are generally tense individuals who function primarily on nervous kinetic energy. Best exercises: activities that will calm and relax you while avoiding overstimulation. Hatha yoga, tai chi, and qi gong are ideal - also participate in more strenuous exercises for five to ten minutes daily, but pace yourself and expend your energy economically.

Finally, no matter what your blood type ….stretch before exercising

Being on Blood Type Diet ® does not mean eating specially packaged foods – it simply means selecting types of foods and vegetables that are right for your body. It’s that simple.

Blood Type Diet ® is ideal for everyone, sick or healthy. Everyone can benefit from eating healthy and eating what their body needs and can use to heal itself. Why wait ‘till you're ill to improve the quality of your health, or extend your life’s expectancy and lead a healthier life? While we accept that the body ages, most folks prefer to not carry an oxygen tank, or be tied to a wheelchair, or become bed ridden. We all have an expiration date, but how we wish to get to that expiration date is up to the individual and the responsibility we take for our own health.

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