Sub-Blood Type Discovery Sheds New Insight

In 2013, months before his passing, Dr. James L. D’Adamo discovered a breakthrough technology to help determine a patient’s exact sub-blood type levels. The discovery unveiled a whole new perspective on the individualized blood-type diet nutritional program – reaffirming each person’s unique distinctions.  

Additionally, this new discovery helps attain a deeper assessment of an individual’s sub-blood type levels. Currently, the D'Adamo team of specialists is focusing on the relevance of RH factors and its application to autoimmune and genetic weaknesses.

“We are all here for a purpose, and we can only aspire to our physical and spiritual fulfillment when the body is healthy and the mind is clear. My research of more than half a century has evolved and proven that blood types are a truth of nature and if followed, provide optimum physical and spiritual health that nature has intended for each one of us. My new discovery allows me to determine each person’s sub-blood type levels – which further refines the exact science of specific assets and liabilities each person is born with. By refining our blood-type diet regimen, we can in fact better design the natural healing process for each person – based primarily on their individualized sub-blood type levels.”

Dr. James L. D’Adamo

The D’Adamo Institute patients can take full advantage of the new discovery through a FREE consultation; an opportunity to witness first-hand, their individualized sub-blood type levels and see how this further refines and affects their existing blood-type diet regimen. All patients, regardless of their last visit date, can take advantage of this free consultation which includes a 10-minute long consultation -a quick finger prick reveals sub-blood type percentage on a screen. Determining whether you have a sub-type of 5%, 15%, 25% or even 75% makes a significant impact on your health.

What Patients Say About the New Discovery

To be witness to a uniqueness that is solely me and to see it first hand on the computer monitor is an amazing experience. It was as though someone opened a wide window into my inner, genetic makeup and I was able peek in. Just when I thought the Blood, and sub blood type discovery couldn’t get any more precise, Dr. D’Adamo does it again!

M. Foster. Exeter, NH  

A better understanding of what runs through my veins has made a profound impact on my program and therefore my health.

Jody Lynn S. Amesbury, MA

The new sub-blood type levels drastically affect and lead to further changes in a patients’ diet, vitamin and exercise regimen (protocol). However, the new alterations to the blood-type regimen will be determined during a following session and is not included in the free consultation.  

Make an appointment to discover your exact sub-blood type percentage. Call the D’Adamo Institute today – and experience optimum health.

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