Additional Patient Services

The D’Adamo Institute offers additional patient services which include:

Office Visits — half-hour long consultations with one of our doctors allows patients to discuss concerns – ranging from colds or flu or problems with their customized program. Office visits also support conditions that need frequent attention and monitoring. For patients with acute conditions all efforts will be made to provide visitation time the day of your call.  

Family Practice — The D’Adamo Institute is a natural therapies family practice and we welcome the whole family – from infants to the elderly. Infants as young as three days old and seniors as old as 98 have received natural healing therapies often preferred to the traditional medical family practices.  

Pregnancy Care — Our philosophy is that a healthy pregnancy begins at pre-natal stages – and even before motherhood plans. We strongly encourage couples planning a family, and prior to conceiving, to elevate their bodies to optimum health levels by addressing the weaknesses which can be detected during a New Patient Examination.

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