Blood Type Examination

At your arrival at the D’Adamo Institute you will be greeted by our staff and led to your first initial examination – which usually lasts approximately two hours.

During this time a nurse will take a sample of your blood prior to your appointment with one of the doctors. This will determine your blood type, A1’s, H1’s, Rh factor and sub blood type. Then you will be given a thorough examination by a licensed Doctor which includes checking your heart and blood pressure, blood type analysis, sub-blood group analysis, iris analysis, pulse analysis and muscle assessment.

All Institute doctors were personally trained by the founder Dr. James L. D’Adamo and follow the same protocol and standards.

Based on the results of these diagnostics the Naturopath then creates an individualized menu, a personalized exercise program, and a prescription of supplements designed to strengthen the areas of weakness in your body. A variety of treatments to assist in detoxifying and balancing your system during the healing process may also be suggested.

Each new patient receives a package of information which includes:

  • A copy of Dr. D'Adamo's book for a better understanding of your personal blood type and
  • A Program Manual to assist with the start of your new lifestyle.

Three weeks after the first visit, you’ll return to meet with one of the naturopaths to discuss progress and assess progression with the program and allow for needed adjustments. After your progress check-up, a support counselor will meet with you to address any concerns or questions and provide help and support to maximize the benefits of your individualized program. This can be conducted either in-person or over the phone and is included at no additional charge to help support you on your road to optimal health.


Blood Type Analysis
Blood Type analysis determines the best suitable treatment based on the person’s blood type. For example, people with blood type O will gain optimum health by maintaining a high-protein diet with vigorous exercise. People with blood type A should follow a vegetarian diet with less strenuous physical activity. The appropriate diet and lifestyle also depends on the body's current state of health.

Sub-blood Group
Parents pass on a sub-blood type to their child. Sometimes there can also be an influence from the grandparents’ blood types. This sub-blood group gives infinitely more information about an individual's needs on a physical, emotional and intellectual level, therefore providing a deeper understanding of the body's requirements. Current research at the D’Adamo Institute delves into examining the implications of Rh factors in relationship to nutritional needs.

A-1's and H-1's are part of the Institute’s latest research and will be explored in more details in an upcoming book, "The Blood Type Connection". Briefly, the A-1's and H-1's determine the levels of needed protein in the body and help define and specialize the blood type requirements further thereby truly customizing an individualized diet proving the importance and relevance of sub-blood types

Iris Analysis
Every cell, tissue and organ connected to the brain transmits information through the nervous system to the iris. Malfunctions are evident in the section of the iris which corresponds to a particular body part. Past illnesses and even inherited weakness all leave their marks on an individual’s iris. Iridology, therefore, is an important tool in assessing a patient's overall health.

More advanced than most accepted methods of iridology, our technique is based on The Institute's discovery that the interpretation of the iris is not unlike a mathematical equation. We have learned to recognize that a mark or discoloration in a particular area does not necessarily indicate a malfunction in the corresponding organ, unless certain other signposts in the iris confirm the fact. The Institute’s proprietary proven method allows us to interpret the different indicators and provide a full, accurate assessment.

Muscle Assessment
Our muscle assessment program allows us to determine whether your body's muscles are properly balanced and structurally aligned. Gravitational pull should always be through the center of the body to the feet. Because of poor posture, this may not occur - thus causing structural stress on various organs, muscles, ligaments, etc.

Supportive Psychotherapy
A licensed master's level clinician provides support, encouragement and coaching to assist patients in maintaining focus during the process of gaining optimum health levels. A free, 30-minute session is included with the first visit to explore and find ways to balance work, school, home life and the new program of lifestyle change. Cognitive behavioral techniques as well as guided imagery may be used to maximize success.

Phone support is also available, as the Institute recognizes that added motivation and support may be needed to ensure success on path to health, balance and well-being.

To address specific health issues, The Institute will recommend a balanced regime of therapies.

The Institute’s licensed and highly experienced professionals are well-versed in these treatments. Dedicated naturopaths, therapists and nurses work closely together for the total benefit of our patients.

Pulse Diagnosis
Pulse analysis, as practiced at the Institute, is not to be compared to standard conventional allopathic and Chinese pulse taking. Our uniquely developed method enables us to detect weaknesses in the circulatory system. In addition, the D'Adamo Institute doctors use this unique diagnostic skill to detect the functioning capability of the stomach, kidneys, liver, immune system, digestive system and overall energy in the body.


  • Your re-examinations are scheduled generally within 10-12 weeks of the first appointment. Future re-exams can be booked to discuss the changing needs as your body evolves through the customized program. A re-exam consists of:
    • Thorough examination similar to new patient examination.
    • Receipt of completely updated therapies, supplements, consultations, and a new menu.

Most re-exams are scheduled every three to six months to ensure that the body is progressing on the path to a healthy level and that the program is updated accordingly to serve optimal health objectives.

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