Dr. Michele D'Adamo

DR. MICHELE D’ADAMO is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of New Hampshire and Canadian Certified Counselor in Ontario, Canada.  She is Clinic Director of the D’Adamo Institute with expertise on provision of short and long-term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Working collaboratively with her clients, she offers short-term strategies for dealing with such difficulties as: stress, anxiety, depression and their effects on one’s physical state. Dr. D’Adamo holds a PH.D in Health Psychology from Capella University, an M.S. from New England College, and a B.S. from Granite State College.  A certified holistic psychologist she offers hypnotherapy, and advanced energy work including Reiki and Shamballa. She has completed Harvard Medical School’s Intensive Clinical Training in Mind Body Medicine, with Dr. Herbert Benson which included psychoneuroimmunology the comprehensive review of how mind/body interactions impact physiologic resilience.  Dr. D’Adamo offers treatments by phone and in person. 

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