Nursing Staff

Mary Jane

MJ is a certified colon therapist and a team player who started at the clinic as a patient. In her own words: “I was disenchanted with my experience working in nursing facilities, seeing first-hand the effect of poor diet and lifestyle. The blood and sub-blood type is customized so every person is on a different diet, supplement protocol, and treatment plan. It is fine-tuned for each individual person. I don’t think patients realize just how much thought, time, and research has gone into their particular program. It is truly amazing, and you can’t get that anywhere else.”


Every patient visiting the Institute gets to meet Maria, who is typically the one who does the patient’s blood work, offers tea and gleefully explains the details of the Blood-Type program. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude is addictive and her own journey on the program is certainly very valuable to others as she tries to offer guidance and support to patients. Her favorite part of working at the Institute is: “seeing the improvement in our patients.”

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