Support Staff


Diane joined the Institute as part-time bookkeeper and soon became a full-time staff member responsible for supervising the front desk, and overseeing most of the daily operations. She is an integral part of the Institute’s overall operations.


Nancy Brown joined our staff a year after she became a patient at the Institute. She is responsible for much of the behind the scene work to ensure flawless operations. Her cheerful nature, contagious laugh and quick wit make her a perfect fit for our team not to mention her relentless support and dedication to the D’Adamo Institute and the rest of the staff.


Kathy spends much of her time administering footbaths, ensuring that the staff stay on schedule and that our patients are well taken care of. She is responsible for spotless and well-supplied offices, earning her title as mastermind of strategy and the nickname of “the General.” From handling appointment scheduling and logistics of the Institute, to ensuring the staff are on time and everyone is where they are scheduled to be, Kathy is a great asset.

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