Carole F. - Toronto, ON

For at least three years before coming to your office, I had been feeling run down, tired, depressed, extremely irritable and my nerves were on edge twenty-four hours a day. Everything seemed to bother me – the slightest sound would make me jump. My attention span was limited and my capacity for thinking a complete sentence was also at a premium. I experienced frequent vaginal yeast infections and didn’t know what it was like to breathe through my nose, because my nasal passages were always blocked.

Within three days of stopping the use of dairy products (as you suggested), I could breathe through my nose for the first time in years, and it’s stayed that way since. After following your instructions for the past year, I now feel like a completely different person. I’m happier than I have been for years. I feel clearer, healthier and my digestive system is working like it’s almost brand new. The PMS I used to experience every month has also subsided to a manageable level. For these things, I thank you.

It’s been said a thousand times, but if we don’t have our health, what’s the point of anything else? If I get sick, I still plan to see my family doctor, but I’m sure I won’t be going ten or fifteen times a year as I used to. I expect now I will be seeing very little of her because thanks to you, I plan to ‘stay healthy’ instead of ‘staying sick’.

Dr. D’Adamo, I hope this letter, in some small way, expresses the gratitude I feel toward you for giving me back my physical and emotional health.

Carole F. - Toronto, ON

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