Donna Johnston

I have been a patient since 2005. When I first visited Dr. D’Adamo, I had fibromyalgia…suffered from short-term memory loss, anxiety....and depression. Today, at 67, I feel better than I did years ago and recently returned from an extended photography Scuba trip - diving 28 times over 12 days with no injuries or illnesses.

As a former CFO of a multi-million dollar not-for-profit, I suffered from memory loss and after a six-month medical leave was still unable to return to work, so I had to retire early. As a believer of holistic, alternative, and supplemental medicine, I searched for the right answer -- a water aerobics instructor referred me to Dr. D’Adamo, and six months later I came to New Hampshire.

I visit Portsmouth for a week at a time as an Intensive-Stay patient -- a retreat from myself and the life that brought me to disease. I continue to get healthier even though 100% compliance is not attainable.

The Doctors and Nurses at the D’Adamo Institute are highly qualified…. healing is their mission. The therapies are wonderful. I am no longer taking anti-anxiety, anti-depression or acid reflux medications. One size does not fit all - everyone is treated individually for their specific body and needs. Remember: “''Just an Ounce of Prevention - is Worth a Pound of Cure."

Donna Johnston

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