Frank, Rita, Anthony and Valeria Spezzano

I initially took my father Antonino Spezzano there because he was a smoker and had emphysema that affected his breathing in a serious manner. That began our relationship in 1981, and I have been a patient myself with Rita my wife for twenty years…Dr. D’Adamo is an exceptional human being other than being a Naturopathic Doctor. I noticed that he takes his work very seriously and cares for his patients. He explains meticulously the infinite details of peoples’ illness and proves where the illness is located in the body…Dr. D’Adamo’s impressive modality and diagnostic methodology is detailed, accurate and precise that it attracted me to continue and persevere contributing to heal my body.

Dr. James D’Adamo is unlike any other ND that I’ve met. He is concerned, asks questions during his assessment of a patient and above all cares for the well being of his patients and puts you in a position to decide their own course of healing without being intrusive. A wonderful human being who deserves more merit and recognition from the American Government.

I think Dr. D’Adamo is a pioneer and a stalwart example of administering Naturopathic Medicine. God Bless Him!

These comments are gathered and submitted from:
Frank, Rita, Anthony and Valeria Spezzano

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