Mary S. -- Boston

Recently I developed a severe sore throat with white pus on my tonsils. I couldn’t sleep, eat, drink, swallow, and could barely talk. My primary care physician thought it was strep and sent out labs the next day. The results were not due back until the weekend and I really didn’t want to take antibiotics if the strep were positive. I scoured the Internet for natural remedies. I tried drinking apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and just gargling with hydrogen peroxide. All of it was nasty and provided very little help.

By Thursday, I called the D’Adamo Institute, and Dr. D’Adamo told me about an herbal mixture that I could spray right on my throat. I was so desperate. I hung up the phone and drove all the way from Boston to Portsmouth, NH to get the herbs and take a foot bath. Within four hours, I had less pain and actually slept through the night. By the next morning the white pus on my left tonsil was markedly reduced. By the following day, it was also markedly reduced on my right tonsil and my appetite returned. Two days later, the pus was gone and I was able to hold long conversations without having any pain.

I don’t know what I would have done without the help of the D’Adamo Institute.

Thank you.

Mary S. -- Boston

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