Naomi Weiss

I first saw Dr. D’Adamo in 1980 when I was 38. My arthritis was worsening and my two medical doctors could only recommend aspirin for pain.

I made an appointment with Dr. D’Adamo and travelled the 80 miles from Westchester County to Brooklyn. I was very much taken with the care and devotion Dr. D’Adamo showed during my first visit - performing an iridology exam, checking my pulses, doing a routine physical and then inviting me into his consulting office where he gave me a full-blown, impressive diagnosis of what was going on with my body and health. He outlined the foods from oils and spices to proteins and vegetables that I, an A blood type, required in order to get well. This was not a cookie-cutter approach, but tailor made to my specific needs.

After three months of strictly following his recommendations, my arthritis was gone and has never returned.

Furthermore, other health issues that I hadn’t focused on also disappeared, specifically a life-long post-nasal drip, patches of eczema on various parts of my body, bloating and constipation. I continued, for the next few years, to get regular check-ups and treatments with Dr. D’Adamo.

When long commute and over-work left me extremely exhausted and ill, I followed Dr. D’Adamo to his Toronto clinic. He immediately diagnosed me with candidiasis, explained how and why I got it, and after two weeks of treatments, I returned to work. Since an A blood type is so prone to candidiasis, I continue to follow the protocol Dr. D’Adamo prescribed.

The care and treatment I receive from Dr. D’Adamo and his entire staff is exceptional, wise, caring, devoted. The peace and calm I feel each time I attend the NH clinic is complimented by the strength and energy and continued good health I take home with me.

Naomi Weiss

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