Rick Wilson

A fellow crewmate, who was a patient of Dr. D’Adamo, recommended the Institute after finding out about my health problems. I imagine everyone who visits your practice has some kind of a life change experience – for me the experience has been truly life transforming and life-saving. I came to the clinic with alarming blood chemistry metrics for an individual with type 2 diabetes. I had already lost a substantial amount of weight. I had tried a wide array of the pharmaceutical approaches to diabetes management. Nothing was working. My doctor was concerned that my insulin receptors appeared to be shutting down and that I might need an insulin pump. It seemed like a deadly downward spiral.

After only 10 days of following the D’Adamo diet, my blood sugar measures returned to normal without the use of the medically prescribed diabetes drugs. Having completed the first thirteen weeks of your program I can report the best possible results. My regular MD is astonished! Not normal, well better than normal conditions for all measured diabetes factors. Many of my friends do not recognize me at first glance.

I continue to lose weight and experience the evolution of my body (and spirit) in a tremendously positive direction.

Your great gift is to enable people to find a means of restoration and regeneration for their entire life with just a bit of discipline and knowledge and time to heal.

I can never thank you enough for sharing this gift with me!

Rick Wilson

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