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Blood Type Diet Examination:

All Institute doctors were personally trained by the founder Dr. James L. D’Adamo and follow the same protocol and standards.

At your arrival at the D’Adamo Institute you will be greeted by our staff and led to your first examination – which usually lasts approximately two hours. Prior to your appointment with one of the doctors, a nurse will take a sample of your blood to determine your blood type, A1’s, H1’s, Rh factor and sub-blood type. Then you will meet with a licensed Doctor for  a thorough examination of your heart and blood pressure, blood type analysis, sub-blood type analysis, iris analysis, pulse analysis and muscle assessment. 

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Spa/Wellness Package:

This package is  ideal for out of town visitors wanting to be immersed in the detoxifying and relaxation treatments available at the D'Adamo Institute.

Our doctors will customize a day program with at least 5 treatments per day. These programs can be tailored to your needs and can include relaxation, detoxification, strengthening the immune system, or overall health and well-being. During your stay you will enjoy our Spa lunch customized for your blood type.

Many people enjoy a 3-day visit, but stay packages can be  customized  for any length of time desired.... Even if you wish to stay for 1 month.


Some of our patients build their new patient appointment around a Spa/wellness package in order to reap the health rewards immediately. The Spa/well package - also called Intensive Care Stay - is exclusively available for our D'Adamo Institute patients and may not be used in conjunction with our A la Cart Menu

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A’ la carte:

This wellness service is designed for those who wish to take advantage of some of the services offered at the D'Adamo Institute - This does not include  Blood Type Examination or the Spa/Wellness Package. Some guest may choose our A’ la Carte option to lose weight, enjoy a treatment with our  acupuncturist to address specific health concerns and/or our chiropractic doctor to address muscular and skeletal issues. Still others may enjoy the holistic health approach to mental health counseling with our licensed therapist.


Whether you visit us for a one-time treatment, or are accompanying a family member or a friend who is taking advantage of the Institute’s full Blood Type Diet Examination,or the Spa/Wellness package we offer customized  services designed to help you reap the healing benefits while you are at our Institute. 

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