Holistic/Total Wellness SPA Experience

Our Total Wellness SPA Program

Intensive Care Stay — For visiting, out of town, patients, our Intensive Care Stay allows out of town patients to enjoy from two to five-day stays during which they receive various therapy treatments. Patients are booked for an entire day to undergo prescribed therapies and are pampered with comfortable clothing as they spend a relaxing and rejuvenating day at the Institute. Our naturopathic team customizes a special itinerary for each individual patient with programs tailored especially for your needs. We also provide patients with a lunch menu based on their eating program, as well as trusted references to nearby hotels, B&Bs, and rentals for accommodations.  

Week Or Month-Long Visitations — On occasion we accommodate longer stays of up to three months. During these visits, schedules are adjusted on a weekly basis to ensure that as the body detoxifies and strengthens the chronic needs dissipate. Patients in the Month-Long Visitation program are offered daily lunch and herbal tea selections along with the above mentioned amenities offered to Intensive care stays.


Residence Inn provides the D’Adamo Institute patients a co-operate discount – use dbno code. Situated right across the street from the clinic, many of our patients prefer the residence inn as part of their stay. Patients can also call the Marriott Resident Inn directly, General Manager Chris Moulton will be of service.

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