21-Day Cleanse to Healthier You

Rid Your Body of Environmental Toxins

Did you know that toxic chemicals in our environment as well as in our foods and drinking water are the major cause of fatigue and illnesses?

A recent report indicates “Some 15 million Americans across 27 states are drinking water that could be contaminated with potentially carcinogenic man-made chemicals without even realizing it.”

That lip balm, sunscreen lotion, even fragrance you are using could be contaminating your body with toxins. Are your five detox organs — skin, lungs, kidneys, liver & intestines – in optimum shape to rid your body of these killer toxins?

Are you feeling fatigued, gaining weight, suffer from constipation, bad breath, muscle aches, skin reactions?

Wouldn’t you love to know your body’s toxicity levels so you can reverse all these ailments?

Now you can!

Contact  the D’Adamo Institute for the Advancement of Natural Therapies™  to learn more about our 21-Day Cleanse that combines your body’s natural cleansing process with carefully selected foods, supplements and therapies to heighten your body’s detoxification process.

The 21-Day Cleanse includes:

  • 21 Day Cleanse Supplements
  • 2 doctor visits (to start and end the program)
  • Journal to log all your consumed meals
  • A recipe book for food preparation ideas
  • Information about our Thera-detox treatments
  • FAQ on how to best use the 21-Day Cleanse program

Disclaimer: 21 Day Cleanse is not meant to replace medical care. If you have an existing medical condition or take any prescription medications, please consult with your doctor before committing to any nutritional program. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. DO NOT assume that just because you purchased similar products in the past, they will have the same effect. DO NOT experiment with dosages, Take only as directed under the supervision of a physician. Avoid foods to which you are intolerant and/or allergic.

A year from now you'll have wished you started today.

You’re Not Alone. We Are Here to Help!

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