The Legacy of Institute’s Founder Dr. James L. D’Adamo (1932- 2013)

Dr. James L. D’Adamo N.D., D.N.B, born on February 7, 1932 in New York, NY, was instrumental in establishing guidelines for licensing naturopathic practitioners in the U.S.  He was the former director of the NH Naturopathic Board, vice-president of the Naturopathic Association of North America, and past president of the NH Board of Examiners.  A naturopath for more than half a century, Dr. D’Adamo trained in the United States, Germany and Switzerland and practiced in New York, New Hampshire, Toronto, Montreal and Europe. Known as the “grandfather” of naturopathy and a pioneer in the profession, he was instrumental in establishing guidelines for licensing naturopathic practitioners in the U.S.

Dr. D’Adamo first entered the world of natural medicine with his groundbreaking discovery of natural healing based on blood type. His first book One Man’s Food …is Someone Else’s Poison, detailed his unique, individualized treatment method based on a person’s blood type and RH factors with diet and exercise.  His second book, The D’Adamo Diet, outlined individualized needs for good health determined by blood types and sub-blood types – the relevance to diet, exercise and even personality traits. Dr. D’Adamo became the first naturopath to document sub-blood types and the integral role it plays in determining a person’s health.  His most recent book, Just an Ounce of Prevention….is Worth a Pound of Cure, was a timely insight on preventive healthcare’s integral role in averting chronic diseases – published at the height of a national healthcare debate and rising medical costs. The book also launched the discovery of H1’s and A1’s and their application to health and is translated and published in six countries.

Having designed a wide array of natural therapies for more than 70,000 patients, Dr. D’Adamo committed his life-time work and research to further refine his Blood Type Diet ® research, and continued to share his latest discovery on his Blood Type Diet ® work and natural healing.

While his initial research uncovered how an individual’s blood-type predetermines their state of health based on certain types of food, exercise levels and nutritional program, Dr. D’Adamo’s most recent  discovery which he worked on until his last days, provides an unprecedented insight into further refinement of the blood-type regimen. This allows for the design of a more exact diet, exercise levels, vitamin regimen, personal temperament, and holistic structure based on genetic make-up.

So many people think that good health takes too much effort and that eating healthfully is monotonous, but I have news for you – illness requires both time and great exertion on your part.

Dr. James L. D’Adamo

Founder, D’Adamo Institute

Institute founder, Dr. James L. D'Adamo explains about the Institute's offerings

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