Conditions Treated At The Institute

To address specific health issues of new guests and patients, the D’Adamo Institute will recommend a balanced regime of therapies. Our staff of licensed and highly experienced professionals will work closely with each guest to provide an optimum healing experience. Much like European Health Spa’s, the D’Adamo Institute encompasses mind, body and spirit on a whole new level while providing exceptional service, century old healing modalities, utilizing the exclusive medicinal treatments and diagnostic tools developed by our founder Dr. James L. D’Adamo all while including state of the art alternative, natural treatments in serene surroundings.

Each treatment offered can be customized to suit the individual health needs of the guest. Our world renown treatments and services have been enjoyed by more than 70,000 patients around the globe for the last half a century – and continues to attract individuals from across the globe who prioritize the need to experience optimal health.

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Lyme Disease

Treating the Cause Not the Symptom

Blood Groups

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The institute is located at: 44 Bridge St, Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: (603) 430-7600