Blood Type Diet® Program Therapies

To address specific health issues of new guests and patients, the D’Adamo Institute will recommend a balanced regime of therapies. Our staff of licensed and highly experienced professionals will work closely with each guest to provide an optimum healing experience. Much like European Health Spa’s, the D’Adamo Institute encompasses mind, body and spirit on a whole new level while providing exceptional service, century old healing modalities, utilizing the exclusive medicinal treatments and diagnostic tools developed by our founder Dr. James L. D’Adamo all while including state of the art alternative, natural treatments in serene surroundings.

Each treatment offered can be customized to suit the individual health needs of the guest. Our world renown treatments and services have been enjoyed by more than 70,000 patients around the globe for the last half a century – and continues to attract individuals from across the globe who prioritize the need to experience optimal health.

Multistep Oxygen Therapy

Variety of Acupuncture Treatments

Nutritional IV Therapy

Our Exclusive Treatments

Herbal Therapies – Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements

The D’Adamo Institute offers Dr. James L. D’Adamos exclusive line of proprietary supplements offered nowhere else in the world. Our exclusive mix of vitamin and mineral combinations are based on Dr. James L. D’Adamo’s formularies. We offer exclusive Blood Type specific vitamins to time tested botanical formulas that Dr. D’Adamo created in forms of topical creams and tinctures over half a century ago.

Since the dawn of civilization, herbs have been used to soothe and to heal. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, wrote about the extraordinary powers of herbs in restoring health. Through extensive research, the Institute has developed vitamin supplements formulated for each blood type. In addition, single-unit vitamins are prescribed for exactly customized and controlled supplementation – allowing the body to receive exactly what it needs at a particular time, without receiving what it does not need.

Individual requirements and tolerances guide our recommendations of both herbs and vitamins for each patient. With improved health, there will be a gradual decrease of supplements until eventually a minimal amount or none at all are required.


Our especially designed inhalation apparatus, imported from Germany, allows the inhalation of various vapors to affect the sinuses and lungs. Recommended for colds, flu, and respiratory conditions, the treatment also eliminates bacteria, viruses, pollution, etc. The herbal tinctures producing these vapors are custom-blended in Germany exclusively for The D’Adamo Institute.

German Footbath

Used extensively by health Spas throughout Europe, footbaths are an excellent means of eliminating waste and toxins from the circulatory system.

At the D’Adamo Institute we work in conjunction with apothecaries in Germany that prepare our proprietary blend that encompasses high quality, efficacy and attention to the ancient ways of preparing this specific medicinal treatment. Some things can’t be rushed, or be mass produced. The ancient techniques of picking the herbs and preparing this special formula directly correlates with the effectiveness of this treatments. While the Foot Bath Unit is from Germany, and available at other health-care facilities, the special blend is made for and available only at the D’Adamo Institute. We are happy to report that its effectiveness in our clinic spans over half a century.

Physical Therapy Immersion Bath

Sink into a warm bath, surrounded by silky bubbles, inhale the calming aromas from various plants, flower essences and botanicals designed exclusively to treat your specific ailments.

While the immersion bath is not exclusive to the D’Adamo Institute, the custom blend of herbs are. Our customized blends are prepared for us at our European apothecaries using tried and true herbs and flowers from centuries old practices. The D’Adamo Institute prides itself on heightening the treatment effects of these herbs like no other clinic in the world.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and also the most exposed and accessible. Immersed in water enriched with detoxifying herbs, your skin becomes a major exit point for built-up poisons in your body. At the same time, the skin can absorb healing herbs through open pores. With the addition of special herbal preparations – carefully selected for their healing ability – our therapy tank provides an effective immersion bath treatment. This multi-faceted therapy unit functions as an effective treatment for repair of muscular strains, lower back problems, shoulder and arm pain, as well as arthritic conditions and the overall relaxation of the nervous system.


Another D’Adamo Institute exclusive treatment, created by Dr. Robert Medrek in conjunction with Dr. James L. D’Adamo’s philosophies, is the Revitalization 5 (RE-5). It combines century-old healing powers of homeopathy applied to specific acupuncture points. These are determined by our doctor of acupuncture and naturopathy and produce a revolutionary new treatment to intensify the healing process of your body like no other treatment. In keeping with the D’Adamo Institute’s philosophy, each treatment is customized to your specific needs and designed to support your individual self. Depending on your needs and required treatments, this unique approach accomplishes a variety of results from boosting your immune system, to intensifying detoxification process, to treating particular organ weakness and much more.

Ginger Adrenal Therapy

Exclusive to the D’Adamo Institute and created by Dr. James L. D’Adamo and Dr. Robert Medrek, this therapy increases circulation to the legs and lower extremities. In addition, packs of ginger stimulate vitality and reduce congestion – and in combination with acupuncture helps rest, relax and restore the nervous system and adrenals. This blissful treatment encourages the mind to let go by addressing specific acupressure points allowing stress and tension to melt away.

Some of the treatments offered are:

Water Therapies – Colon Irrigation

Our colon irrigation system eliminates wastes and poisons from the body. Therapies are given in immaculately clean surroundings following strict hygienic principles. Our equipment is scrupulously maintained and sterilized. We use Colon Clear Water Hydrotherapy which boasts the “highest safety standards” in the industry. This machine has been hospital evaluated to lower the toxic level of the body 3 times faster than any other colon therapy equipment. The D’Adamo Institute’s fastidious attention to cleanliness and serene treatment rooms provide guests with the most unique and ultimate comfort.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

This therapy includes an alternate application of hot and cold wet packs, along with mild electronic stimulation to balance the circulatory and nervous systems while guests lie on a comfortable treatment table wrapped in cozy blankets and remain covered throughout the treatment to ensure sufficient warmth. This promotes cell oxygenation, the elimination of toxins, and the proper functioning of the body’s defenses. The therapy also addresses other issues such as sleep, immunity, detoxification, and helps increase vitality.

Touch Therapies - Acupuncture

There are many acupuncturists, but very few have their doctorate of acupuncture. Our highly skilled acupuncturist performs acupuncture in a serene treatment room, ensuring your ultimate comfort. Most patients fall into a deep sleep while the accu-points restore, relax and bring the body into wellness. Our staff also utilizes auricular, electric and traditional forms of acupuncture, incorporating techniques practiced for over 5,000 years.


One of the oldest forms of healing, massage brings deep relaxation and comfort to the body and mind. Our expert staff can offer aroma and lymphatic massage.


In this fast-paced world, it is often difficult to slow down and let our mind, body and soul unwind and relax. Allow our staff to provide you with a calming and soothing aromatherapy massage to help restore peace to the mind, reduce muscular tension and nourish the skin. Let our serene treatment rooms, calming music, skilled nurses and essential oils take you way into total and deep rest and relaxation, calming your nervous system. Essential oils extracted from various aromatic plants and trees are utilized for their specific effects on particular organs. During a light massage, these oils produce a cleansing effect in the body’s lymphatic system and help achieve optimum health for the body.

Lymphatic Drainage

Experience a form of touch therapy whose gentleness belies a powerful therapeutic potential. A light relaxing massage drains the lymphatic system of impurities, allowing them to leave the body. Lymph glands act as the filter system for the body’s cells. The lymphatic system cleanses out inorganic toxins, cell wastes, excess water, micro-organisms and other components.

Cranial Manipulation

The old concept of the skull as one immovable bone has been revised with the newer scientific understanding that the plates of the skull actually expand and contract rhythmically eight times per minute. When the sutures become fixed, it can result in neurological or physical malfunctioning, while also inhibiting proper circulation of oxygen and spinal fluids around the brain. Cranial manipulation by a professional therapist involves the application of the correct amount of pressure to the plates, thus allowing for proper motion along the sutures. This increases the flow of oxygen and spinal fluid, and allows for better neurological functioning. Come join our sanctuary of stillness and quietude while we’ll guide your mind and body back into a harmonious balance.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy

Everyday stress can often lower your energy levels, leaving you feeling emotionally drained and exhausted. Similar to cranial manipulation, cranial-sacral therapy uses a lighter touch to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. By balancing the flow of fluid from the cranium to the sacrum at the base of the spine, this gentle adjustment to the nervous system brings healthy energy to the entire body, including the internal organs leading to a balanced state of well being, helping restore energy levels while promoting a feeling of inner calm.

Spinal Manipulation And Structural Alignment

Whether you have back pain, been injured through sports, have arthritis or pregnancy related pain, we can customize this treatment to help you regain your alignment while bringing your body back to its optimum state for peak performance. Manual manipulation of the vertebrae and musculature helps to create proper alignment of the spine.

Clay Therapies – Hot Packs

Applied in cases of muscular spasm, hot packs work to establish proper circulation.

Clay Packs

Luvos clay, imported from Germany, is used for the deep cleansing of the liver and other affected areas. The drying action of the wet clay draws toxins out of the organs and brings them to the skin’s surface where they can be absorbed into the clay.

Fango Treatment

Prepared from medicinal clay imported from Germany, Fango high-intensity heat packs are applied in order to relax and detoxify the body. Fango applications cover large sections of the body, such as the back, chest, shoulders or legs.

Oxygen Therapies - Hyperbaric Oxygen Machine

This therapeutic equipment provides a rich, rejuvenating and reviving supply of oxygen to deprived cells. The aim is to speed healing, while increasing overall energy and circulation. Additional benefits include fighting premature aging, destroying abnormal cells, and providing oxygen to cells that have been starved due to MS and other neurological disorders. Bring a book, listen to music or just close your eyes while the Hyperbaric does all the work.

Multi-Step Therapy

Our staff carefully monitors your condition as you breathe in pure oxygen and gently pedal a specially designed stationary bicycle. This double stimulation brings life-giving oxygen to the brain and circulatory system, promoting proper circulation throughout the body.

Infrared Sauna with Oxygen Typical saunas heat the body from the outside, concentrating on the skin. This specialized sauna applies heat to the internal tissues by emitting “far” infrared energy that penetrates the skin and directly heats subcutaneous fat layers. This type of sauna has prov en very effective in helping the body eliminate heavy metals and other toxins that lie beneath the skin.


This ancient therapy originally involved glass cups with candles, used as suction devices to increase blood flow to a particular area, such as the chest cavity or the back. Today we use machines to produce the same effect.


Designed to create negative ions, this unique machine is a valuable tool in bringing increased blood supply to damaged or diseased areas, thereby stimulating repair.

G-5 Vibration Treatments

Designed to relax tense and strained muscles, this treatment also improves circulation.

Laser Therapy

This sophisticated light therapy is used to improve circulation in areas of congestion or inflammation of bone or tissue.

Magnetic Field Therapy

When your body is placed in the center of a magnetic field, the hydrogen and oxygen molecules are caused to join in the cell. Metabolism is increased, stimulating the cell to eliminate carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen. This helps to rid the body of cells that have been damaged by degenerative diseases.


Gentle energy pulses are used to increase circulation and relax the musculature. This treatment is often used in conjunction with hydrotherapy.

Ultrasound Therapy

The ultrasound device emits sound waves beyond the range of human hearing. These waves readily penetrate the body stimulating and massaging the cells and tissues below the skin in such a way as to generate heat and increase circulation. A gel impregnated with herbal substances, is applied to the area prior to treatment to facilitate penetration. The waves help these ingredients pass through the skin. They can then directly work their healing actions on damaged tissues and help to break down calcium deposits in the body. Ultrasound Therapy is ideal for joint pain and inflammation, as well as for most soft tissue injuries. The combination of Ultrasound waves and heat begin the healing process at the most basic cellular level, accelerating the road to recovery to get you back to doing what you love.

Ionphoresis Therapy

This painless, non-intrusive treatment uses a galvanic current on the skin to encourage the penetration of an assortment of topical applications, thereby helping to relieve pain.

Tens Cam

All living creatures on earth – and the earth itself – typically resonate at a frequency of 7.86 HZ. Where there is inflammation, congestion or diseased tissue, natural energy is drained and the frequency drops. The Tens Cam generates electromagnetic “tens” waves that pass through a specially attuned crystal transducer to become scalar waves. This energy is directed into the body toward areas of decreased resonance, restoring the area to its natural frequency. This change facilitates the body’s innate healing powers.

Firard Therapy

The Firard Machine offers yet another option when deep, penetrating heat is desired. It generates “far” infrared light waves that are not stopped at the body’s surface as are conventional infrared waves. This machine is often used to stimulate acupuncture needles in the treatment of lower back pain or to increase “yang” energy in the body.

Intravenous (IV) Infusion

We are committed to your health and offer our D’Adamo Institute team of experts, who specialize in the preventative healthcare and can custom blend these IV’s for each individual.

Administered by a Doctor, our IV infusion bathes internal cells and tissues with substances that increase overall energy, improve the strength of the immune system, and perform actions targeted to various conditions. This is one of our most powerful tools in speeding the healing process. The Institute’s IVs are unique in that they contain mixtures of vitamins specifically blended for the individual blood type of the patient.

Light Therapy

NASA research has shown that light therapy – also called LED photon therapy – decreases wound healing time. It is believed to increase the overall energy available to the cells, which stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, the protein that makes connective tissue. Light therapy is used to treat injuries, reduce pain and inflammation, and to reinforce the energy generated during acupuncture.

Engler Oxygen Therapy

A reduced supply of oxygen leads to decreased performance of cell function and an increased formation of radicals. This therapy optimizes the general and physical condition of patients suffering from chronic and degenerative diseases.

Specialized Therapies - Color, Music and Negative Ion Therapy

The Institute’s therapeutic use of color, music and negative ions produces a deeply calming sensation – providing a highly effective and thoroughly enjoyable antidote to stress. Let us help your entire being experience equilibrium, relaxation, and calm

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