Just an Ounce of Prevention….is Worth a Pound of Cure

In this fascinating book, Dr. D’Adamo exhorts us to take responsibility for our own health and prevent chronic degenerative diseases using his newest discoveries, which have given him the opportunity to treat more than 50,000 patients. He explains which foods and exercises are right for each of us, what assets and liabilities we’re born with, and how our minds can work to better process information. This book contains Dr. D’Adamo’s most up-to-date and comprehensive teachings; and includes recipes, exercise regimens, and a panoply of natural therapies he recommends to the patients at his institute.

The D’Adamo Diet

Be healthy naturally. Unlock the energy, health, and vitality within you by matching the right foods and exercise to your blood type. The D’Adamo diet clearly outlines what each individual needs for good health by looking at the different blood types and their relevance to diet and exercise. Vitamins and minerals are examined to explain what they do and how much of these we need to take. As well, specific illnesses such as arthritis and asthma are addressed, and readers are given guidance for reversing these problems and many others.

One Man’s Food … Is Someone Else’s Poison

A revolutionary new method of natural healing based on personal blood types. Are you Type A? B? AB? O? Here is your complete guide-and life-saving graduated program – to the foods best for you at your present level of health. A famed naturopath reveals for the first time who should and should not be a vegetarian and why, plus much, much more about achieving health through proper food instead of drugs.

A year from now you'll have wished you started today.

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