Pat, Canada

It has been a marvelous change – I’ve lost weight, decreased my blood pressure, perfected my digestion and have a general feeling of wellbeing Pat, Canada

Naomi Weiss

I first saw Dr. D’Adamo in 1980 when I was 38. My arthritis was worsening and my two medical doctors could only recommend aspirin for pain. I made an appointment with Dr. D’Adamo and travelled the 80 miles from Westchester County to Brooklyn. I was very much taken...

Mireille K. – Plainview, NY

Two months have passed by since my first visit to your office. I have kept up faithfully the diet that you gave me and am trying to follow your instructions as closely as I can. Dr. D’Adamo, when you first saw me, you told me to have patience, because one cannot undo...

Michele Zampella

I started having seizures in my 20’s …after years of being in and out of hospitals and on medications, a friend suggested I see a Naturopath (I had never heard the word before). I was a skeptic but after spending two hours with Dr. James D’Adamo during my first visit,...

Mary, Boston

Being on your program has made an enormous impact on my health and wellbeing. You’ve personally been a life saver recently with some acute issues. Mary, Boston