TK – Portsmouth NH

Posted On August 3, 2020

I highly recommend Dr. D’Adamo and the D’Adamo Institute to anyone who wants to take an active, informed role in improving their health and quality of life. I first went to the Institute when I developed some serious digestive issues, including acid reflux. My usual food sensitivities were increasing, and I was feeling deeply stressed and burnt out. I’d already tried a variety of natural approaches and my standard lab work looked great, so I felt stuck.

After visiting a specialist, I was told that the only way to solve this was to take a heartburn medication – forever. Knowing the dangers of prescription Proton Pump Inhibitors, I declined and decided to dig deeper. I’ve routinely visited naturopathic /alternative health professionals over the years and found them very helpful. However, Dr. D’Adamo’s unique approach to diagnosis using blood type analysis, pulse analysis and iridology went far beyond anything I’ve experienced before. Without initially knowing my medical concerns or history, he accurately assessed my situation and was able to pinpoint underlying factors (at the organ level) that needed attention. Suddenly lots of things made sense, and I realized that some of my eating, work and exercise habits – generally thought to be very good – were actually not good for me. I’ve been following a customized program from the D’Adamo Institute for a year and a half now and it has made a huge difference in my health, well-being and energy level. If you‘re motivated and want to take charge of your health, visit the D’Adamo Institute. It’s truly life-changing.

TK – Portsmouth NH

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