The Institute team is taking extra measures to support your safety and help slow the spread of Coronavirus.

We are excited to see everyone again! My staff and I have been working diligently to prepare for your arrival, and while we continue to follow all CDC and OSHA guidelines for cleanliness and infection control, we have also implemented 10 additional measures to ensure maximum safety for our patients, staff, and families.

We understand that some of our new safety protocols may make your visit feel a bit “different,” but we hope you will also feel safe, reassured, and welcome. We appreciate your cooperation and participation in these safety measures.

Expect the following health and safety protocols to be in place when you come to our office:

  1. Pre-screening before arrival – We will pre-screen everyone who enters the facility for symptoms, including gathering a history of their contact with people who have symptoms.
  2. Disinfected common areas and high-touch surfaces – We will disinfect between patients and will require patients and staff alike to sanitize hands upon entering and wash hands frequently throughout their appointment/shift.
  3. Masks – All staff will wear masks, and we will also provide patients with masks.
  4. Disposable gowns/face shields – Depending on the nature of your visit, your providers may wear additional protective gear as an added safety measure for you and them.
  5. No additional guests – We normally welcome your BFF or plus-one, but for everyone’s safety only patients will be allowed to enter the building.
  6. Touch-free temperature scan on arrival – We will perform a touch-free temperature scan on every person who enters the building.
  7. Appointment spacing – We will limit and stagger our appointments to promote social distancing. Please be on time when you come and alert us promptly of any delays so we can adjust our plan with you.
  8. Brief appointments – We know it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you, but as much as we would love to “catch up” with you, we need to keep all appointments brief at this time.
  9. Sanitizing products – There is no such thing as “overdoing it” when it comes to your health. We are using a UV-C light with a germicidal wavelength of 185-254 nanometers to neutralize bacteria and viruses on every product you purchase from the clinic.
  10. Virtual office visit consults – As an initial step, we will hold all office visits for acute situations via video software. Please speak with us regarding the cost of this visit.

These extra measures may require a little more time and effort, but we hope you will support us as we do our best to keep each other safe!

Contact us today for more information.  (603) 430-7600