Eugene R. – Brooklyn, NY

Posted On August 3, 2020

I must admit my initial skepticism of the validity of the quick and unorthodox diagnosis you gave me. I now have a satisfactory understanding of the natural principles underlying iridology and some other homeopathic diagnostic techniques. So, in following the diet you prescribed for me, I have become less tense, more psychologically real, owing to the increased clarity of my mind.

I am more active and content with my life. I feel satisfied after meals and have lost my craving for snacks between meals. I have experienced some days of exhaustion but in each case, I was stronger in the period following the period of low vitality, which I feel is the toxins of a lifetime leaving my body. One thing about homeopathic medicine is the necessity of feeling the sickness leave one’s body; you can’t stimulate your body when it needs to rest.

Eugene R. – Brooklyn, NY

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