Hussein K. – Kingston, Jamaica

Posted On August 3, 2020

My experience and my wife’s experience with Dr. D’Adamo was, to say the least, very fortunate. Before coming to study in the USA, I enjoyed a very robust health. I was a swimming champion in my country, and I do not remember ever being seriously ill. In brief, I was the healthy, sporty type. After a couple of years in the USA, I began to feel the ‘down slope.’ After two operations on my knee (due to a sport injury) my general health was in a very bad state – the worst I had ever experienced.

The change was so dramatic that I could not file it under ‘old age.’ I am not going to enter into the why’s and how’s, but what I can say is that any effort was an exhausting one. I was very concerned and went from one MD to another. The usual diagnosis was that I was healthy like a bull. I began to read about the naturopathic approach and then my wife heard of Dr. D’Adamo. We visited him in September and started on his discipline. After a period of four to five months, I found a great improvement and all of the disturbing signs that I suffered from had almost completely disappeared.

Hussein K. – Kingston, Jamaica

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