Jane W. – NY, NY

Posted On August 3, 2020

How do you thank someone for his sincere love, patience and guidance? We all use these words so often but rarely think about the meaning or feeling behind them.

Before coming to see you, I suffered from light-headedness, craving for sweets, bad circulation and many, many more ailments associated with hypoglycemia. Because of the treatments (colonics, footbaths, and diapulse), diet and vitamin guidance, I am on the way to regaining my health, the natural way.

I might also add that your staff is the very best and qualified people attending to every need and detail.

Now, back to the three words I began to describe in the opening of this letter, love, patience and guidance. I truly want to thank you for all you and nature are doing for me, and I still cannot express my real feelings behind the love, patience and guidance that you have shown me time and time again.

Jane W. – NY, NY

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